Bona Kim, born in Korea, is a London-based fashion designer.  Her trail-blazing label is catapulting luxury womenswear into the 21st century. 


Fascinated by contrasts, Bona experiments with the textural surfaces of her garments in order to express her creativity.  Bona thrives on pushing fashion’s boundaries through innovative 3-dimensional silhouettes.  Her experimental pattern cutting works in synergy with the body to create pieces that are striking and functional.


Bona completed her Masters in Fashion Design and Technology, Womenswear at London College of Fashion in 2013.  There she created a collection of conceptual, one-of-a-kind garments with sculptural detailing and extravagant hand embroidery, fusing cutting-edge vision with haute-couture glamour. 


Bona has exhibited her work at Fashionclash, an international interdisciplinary fashion platform in the Netherlands in June 2013 and thanks to being a finalist at the IUDE Fashion Project, she also presented at a fashion showcase in Italy in March 2014.  Bona has received excellent media coverage in both countries as a result.


Combining feminine modernity with luxury fabrics, Bona’s latest collection makes a unique artistic statement through her stunning designs and innovative use of textiles and detailing  which Bona describes as “multi-wear”.  


So if you are a fashion visionary - make space in your wardrobe for Bona’s fresh take on feminine-futurist-functionality…